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Purchase the supporting parts of an original work will add value to your collection.

The process of creating a
fine art original
      Dale Glasgow. How to Commission a Fine Art Original

How to Commission a Fine Art Original

Set a meeting time and date with the artist.
I enjoy talking about the effect that art has on someone. When I meet someone in person, it makes both client and artist feel at ease. Scheduling a time to meet over coffee or lunch warms the initial conversation. Although it is had to express what someone feels about art, speak about what you like. I appreciate the client who desires fine art in the their spaces, home or office. The idea of creating a picture that will be living with someone is beautiful, art speaks of who you are. Choosing any picture for your liking is a challenge, this is how I help my clients succeed. Buy what visually stimulates you.

Determine what you like.
When I have a client approach me about creating art, I often help them decide what they like. Nature always is a safe place to begin, do you like forest or water or a combination. Do you like people or animals, large or small. Sunsets or billowey clouds. History has a special place for some who likes war or times gone by, but the idea of who you are being portrayed in the picture helps the owner present their personality in their home or space. I talk thorugh all the ideas of my clients and suggest what I can do for their likes and needs.

The process of the fine artist.
I have my speciaties of what I like to paint, and I have always succeeded with a new painting challenge. I believe excellece is a way of thinking and living your life. Most who buy my fine art are looking for excellence. I will research a story and character and travel into their space to "see" what is there and what I can bring back to paint. I have usually two viewpoints that serve as strong concepts, these are presented in sketch form for my clients to review and respond. We agree and proceed to a small oil study and then the larger final painting. The final painting is special in the home or office of my clients.

Framing choices.
I usually help my clients with framing. I suggest samples of frames I like on my paintings. Framing can add so much to a painting, much like a fine suit and dress. It is not always necessary to know my client's decorating scheme, just a sense of wood furniture and trim in their rooms is. A large frame is generally preferred to show the importance of the painting and to draw attention to the viewers. Purchasing a high quality frame is an enjoyable part of owning fine art.

Pricing for Dale's fine art originals.
After the completion of the creative process for the client, I can usually estimate how much time the original will cost. I have a general cost for size for fine art, factors can affect this in my time spent. The detail in the painting and the research can take additional time for each work. My general pricing for my fine art originals is listed below:

48 x 60in. $60,000
36 x 48in. $32,000
30 x 40in. $24,000
24 x 36in. $16,000
24 x 30in. $13,500
18 x 24in. $8,000
16 x 20in. $6,000
8 x 10in. $2500

Additional purchases from the artist
With the process of creating fine art originals, graphite and oil sketches are made and are very important to the collector for his collection. When a collector has the opportunity to buy additional pieces from the original work process, this adds to the value of his purchase. History of any fine art original is necessary for the collector to leverage the value of his collection-- upward. Fine art collecting is an investment that appreciates in the future.

GSA's Art in Architecture National Artists Registry
Dunn & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number: 617380084
SSIC codes: 711510 Artists (i.e., painters), independent
Cage Code: IMX24
CAO-ACP: S2404A-HQ00338
PSC Code: 1107T001

framed fine art original

Final 24 x 36in. oil painting in frame


Graphite sketch

Small 8 x 10in. Graphite sketch

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Oil sketch

Small 8 x 10in. oil sketch

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I love working with clients


Oil painting

Final 24 x 36in. oil painting

Dale Glasgow, all images Copyright 2011
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